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We’re a full-service steel fabrication firm in Gainesville, GA, ready to assist you with your next construction project.

SteelTech Industries, LLC

Steel Fabrication Firm in Gainesville, Georgia

SteelTech Industries provides top-quality structural and steel packages for a wide range of projects. We handle all aspects of a project in-house, from design to fabrication to installation, enduring a seamless, efficient process. By eliminating the need for outsourcing, SteelTech guarantees convenience and quality control, resulting in a superior end product. 

SteelTech has established itself as a leading subcontractor in the region through its work on commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential jobs. Serving customers in northeast Georgia and metro Atlanta, SteelTech has completed numerous residential, university, hospital, school, church, and warehouse projects.   


SteelTech collaborates with independent structural engineers to ensure the highest level of design accuracy and efficiency.


We use state-of-the-art machinery and tools to ensure accurate cutting, burning, drilling, and fit-up of steel components.


By having our own field crews, we can closely monitor every step of the installation process, ensuring quality and safety at every point in the project.

Why Choose SteelTech?

In-House Crews

By relying on its own teams, SteelTech maintains complete control over the quality and timeliness of its work. Whether it’s a large-scale commercial project or a residential project, our customers trust SteelTech to deliver exceptional results.   

Safety First

SteelTech’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its skilled workforce. The company also prioritizes safety, having implemented comprehensive safety protocols to ensure a secure working environment for its employees and partners. 

Relationship Builders

 SteelTech has built strong relationships with clients who value its experience and reliability. SteelTech’s dedication to delivering high-quality steel packages, combined with its commitment to customer satisfaction, has earned the company a reputation as a leader in the industry.